Guess Who’s Back?

Hello old friends! Obviously it has been awhile.  Life got a little crazy in 2014 and this blog got left by the wayside.  And THEN, I got an e-mail from WordPress a few weeks back telling me that nearly 300 of you had checked out my blog in the past year even though I hadn’t […]

Grunge is Dead!

And my husband (who by the way looked just like Eddy Vedder back in the day)  is the one who killed it!  But for those of you who are now crying into your flannel, do not fear! I am not talking about the 1990’s musical type of grunge, but rather the type that had settled […]

Projects, projects, projects.

A lot of people assume we are constantly working on a project.  And we are, but mostly because we typically don’t finish a project before starting a new one.  So as of tonight my house looks like this: and this: and this: and this: I won’t even SHOW you pictures of the interior  because when I […]

Treed Off

I do not shy away from undertaking controversial design projects (I have painted our kitchen cabinets black, tiled with actual pennies, and painted hardwood floors ) but we recently did something that was unintentionally controversial. We cut down some trees. I didn’t realize that some people think you should NEVER, EVER cut down trees (unless they are […]