Guess Who’s Back?

Hello old friends! Obviously it has been awhile.  Life got a little crazy in 2014 and this blog got left by the wayside.  And THEN, I got an e-mail from WordPress a few weeks back telling me that nearly 300 of you had checked out my blog in the past year even though I hadn’t written a single word.  YOU GUYS.  I didn’t know you cared.

So in the spirit of a new year and new goals I will be creating new entries on the blog, with a slightly new look.

One of the biggest challenges I faced in writing this blog was the desire to show you a picture perfect ending.  This time around I will be breaking up projects and showing the progress as I go – in other words the way it REALLY is.  I also intend to write about the hits and misses of each project with a “WHAT I LOVED” and “WHAT I LEARNED” section at the end of each project.

THANK YOU for being interested in our little corner of the world.  I hope you enjoy!


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