Grunge is Dead!

And my husband (who by the way looked just like Eddy Vedder back in the day)  is the one who killed it!  But for those of you who are now crying into your flannel, do not fear! I am not talking about the 1990’s musical type of grunge, but rather the type that had settled comfortably into our 60-year-old brick exterior.

I haven’t shared many exterior pics of the house with you, and said “grunge” is the main reason why.  Although we have made many upgrades outside the feature that stood out to me the most when I pulled into my driveway was the dirty, dingy brick.


When we moved in


After the old landscaping was removed


And the dirty brick as it remained for a year

So finally last week the Hubs pulled out a pressure washer and tackled that grunge.

I should mention that many experts recommend NOT power washing brick – if the pressure is too high you run the risk of damaging the mortar.  However in this circumstance we were fairly confident that a pressure washer had never been used on our exterior so we didn’t feel giving it a once over every 60 years or so was excessive.

Power washing can also remove paint, especially if it is chipped or peeling.  But since we are planning on painting the siding and trim on our house in the next month and will be scraping anyway we weren’t worried about that either.  So all that was left was to fire it up and let the dirt fly!


The pressure washer we used is gas-powered, so we just had to gas it up, hook it to our exterior hose, turn on the water and push the starter.  And the dirt literally got washed away!


As you can see the difference it made was pretty remarkable!  I have never been a big fan of our orangey brick but it turns out that cleaning off the grunge actually changed the color of the brick – turning it into a more subtle and pleasing camel color.  Still not what I would have picked, but much prettier!

The window ledges were not as easy to clean.  They were badly mildewed, covered in moss and have a rough texture.  I used a bleach cleaner and scrub brush prior to the Hubs coming by with the washer but we were still not able to get them looking like new.  There was however a noticeable and vast improvement so I guess we will take what we can get!


For a couple of hours of dirty and wet work we got our home looking much spiffier than before and moved one step closer to the finish line on our outdoor work.


Home Sweet Home!


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