Projects, projects, projects.

A lot of people assume we are constantly working on a project.  And we are, but mostly because we typically don’t finish a project before starting a new one.  So as of tonight my house looks like this:


and this:


and this:


and this:


I won’t even SHOW you pictures of the interior  because when I am in project mode I pretty much ignore everything else.  So it’s fair to say we are a MESS inside and out!

Of course this many projects happening at the same time is extreme but I do like to have at least a couple of things in the works at any time.  For me, being able to move back and forth between two projects keeps me motivated to finish – especially if one of the projects is a long-term or intensive project.  For example, freshening up some Adirondack chairs with a coat of paint keeps me from being discouraged that our backyard patio/deck combo is still unfinished.  It can also allow us to take a break and regroup if things aren’t going the way we planned on a project, which is what happened when we needed to change our original plans for the pergola.

So I hope to have completed updates on some of these projects for you within the next few days, but what about you?  How do you get motivated to start a project? And more importantly how do you get motivated to finish a project?


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