Treed Off

I do not shy away from undertaking controversial design projects (I have painted our kitchen cabinets black, tiled with actual pennies, and painted hardwood floors ) but we recently did something that was unintentionally controversial. We cut down some trees.

I didn’t realize that some people think you should NEVER, EVER cut down trees (unless they are diseased). And I understand that trees offer many benefits to our property and to our environment as a whole. But let me take a moment to defend our decision to remove these particular trees.

When we purchased our home, the property included 9 trees. Five of those were nice large established trees. The remaining trees (one in the front yard and three in the back) were newer smaller trees. According to my neighbor, these trees were added to replace older trees that had died. Not much attention was paid to the type of tree or where they should be planted. One of these “new” trees was in the front yard right next to the foundation and had to be removed to allow for grading.


All of the front landscaping, including this tree had to be removed.


After removal

The three remaining back yard trees were the ones we recently had removed. We decided to remove them to help our yard function better for our family. Two of the trees were in the middle of our yard – making the kids’ favorite activities like baseball, football and soccer impossible – and the other was a crab apple tree that constantly dropped tiny hard apples that caused me to regularly turn my ankle.

The two trees that are still part of our backyard are larger and closer to the house so we still have lots of shady area. More importantly we now have space for our kids to really use the backyard. So although by many people’s definition I am a “tree hugger”, I had no problem giving these three the ax (pun intended) to make our life a little bit better. And we have both an indoor wood burning fireplace and an outdoor fire pit so those trees were chopped into firewood that will be used.

Now our family is loving our transforming outdoor space.  We have already had an intense tee ball game, and our oldest is planning a football game for him and some friends.

IMG_2087   IMG_2205

Stay tuned for more outdoor changes!


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