Banquette Part Deux

I wrote a little while back about our kitchen banquette and how I still wanted to make a few changes – namely changing the chairs and table. We recently did both, and I feel like those small changes really improved the functionality of our little nook.

We swapped out our white too large table with a smaller dark oak one when I mentioned to my mom that I was on the lookout for a smaller table. Her kitchen also has a banquette but hers sits in a bay window and is larger than my space so she was wanting a larger table. Easy as that, we swapped tables and are both SOOO much happier. In my kitchen there is more room to slide into the banquette, even with the addition of chairs.

And oh yea, the chairs! I had already picked some out at World Market but I was holding off a little bit. I am a member of their rewards program and they usually send members a birthday discount. Since my birthday was coming up I decided to wait for my discount. The bad news was I almost waited too long! The day of my birthday I checked out the chairs online, and they were showing as no longer available. I wasn’t too concerned considering I had visited my local store just a week or so before and they had several chairs in stock. When I went later that night they had three (3!) chairs left. No plans to get anymore. And the ones left all had chips and/or dents.

IMG_2141Luckily the employee who helped me was willing to give me a discount on the scratch and dent chairs. And considering that I (1) LOVED them, and (2) have three boys who are going to scratch and dent them anyway, I decided to go for it. I think they look pretty great even with the dents.

IMG_2142And this picture isn’t a great shot of the banquette, but I wanted to include it so you could all see my cute pallet art I made for our weird long skinny wall.  It is a bump out to allow for the pantry.  When we removed the wallpaper we also found that this is where the doorbell is – they had removed the cover and wallpapered right over it!  This art covers it nicely.

So we are about to close the chapter on the banquette, with just one more potential project hanging out there. The table is a dark oak, and I can’t decide if I like that finish, or if I prefer the table white like the old one. So I am taking opinions, folks!

  IMG_2140  IMG_1871


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