Just Brickin’ It

One of the outdoor projects on our ‘to-do’ list was to add a brick border to our driveway.  The purpose was twofold – our loooong driveway is very narrow and occasionally folks will overlap a little into our yard.  This left a strip of mud in our yard where grass was supposed to be. Mud that always managed to find its way into the house!  We wanted to make the driveway wider without going to the trouble and expense of adding more concrete. We figured adding a border made of bricks would give a little more space to back out and hopefully save our yard in the process.  And of course it LOOKS pretty great too.

The Hubs did most of the labor on this project – from picking up the bricks to actually laying them out.  We decided on a neutral tan brick because we didn’t want too much contrast between the color of the drive and the brick.  We agreed on our pattern together.  Then he carefully began laying them out, paying attention to keeping it level.  The driveway itself was not perfectly plumb so he occasionally had to compensate by changing up the pattern.  It is barely noticeable to me so I doubt if anyone will ever notice.


IMG_2018 (2)

My husband’s face doesn’t really look like that – he’s just camera shy.

Lastly we added several layers of sand brushed over the tops of the bricks and into the crevices between the bricks to keep them from settling.  We put down some grass seed on the few bare spots that were still there after adding the bricks.  You will notice the driveway still doesn’t look perfect – there are large cracks in the concrete.  But since there is not any settling we plan to fill the gaps with a liquid crack filler and hopefully be able to live with it for a while before having to replace the entire driveway.  Today the border looks like it has always been there!  An easy and economical (our total was under $65 dollars) solution that actually looks great too.



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