Tears & Fears…Cookies help!

Today my oldest son “graduates” from his elementary school and after an all too brief summer break will be moving on to middle school.  He is excited, with only a tinge of nervousness.  I however am a wreck.  I have always thought of my oldest as so grown up but sending him off into the wild (’cause have you ever BEEN to a middle school?!) is a completely different scenario.

I kept myself from running off the rails the last few days by planning a fun little project for the last day of school. Cutting, stuffing, and curling distracted me from being a sentimental goofball. Another blog created this cute little printable that seemed fitting for my kids’ teachers.  The saying, “Thanks for making me one smart cookie” was especially appropriate for my child moving on from this school and so we decided to make one for each of the teachers who helped mold him into the awesome middle schooler he will be.  Every teacher with the exception of his kindergarten teacher are still teaching at the school, so it was nice to recognize all of them as well as the art, music, and PE teachers and the principal of the school.  And who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies?  


I just printed off the cards and cut them out.  My son wrote his name and “(Insert Elementary School Name Here) Class of 2013”.  We bagged giant chocolate chip cookies from our local bakery in clear cellophane bags, punched a hole in the corner of the card and tied the whole thing up with coordinating curling ribbon.


I helped the boy pass them out to his teachers this morning, and it was a bittersweet thing.  These teachers deserve SO MUCH thanks and they were all touched by his little gift.  It was also nice to spend a few moments with each of them who have watched him grow.


Happy Summer to all students and teachers out there!


2 thoughts on “Tears & Fears…Cookies help!

    • Thanks! The cookies are from The Bake Shoppe in Windsor Heights. They also make a pretty awesome red velvet cupcake, if you are into that sort of thing 😉

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