There is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Except of course when there completely, totally is!  Just last week one of my other favorite blogs posted this photo as a potential “splurge” item.


Quite the looker, huh?

 I pretty much loved everything about it – except the price.  If I had an extra $460 burning a hole in my pocket I would likely be finding a way to spread that fairy dust a little in every room, rather than on one big beautiful chair.

And then over the weekend the most amazing thing happened.  My neighbor, who had bought new patio furniture, wanted to get rid of some wicker chairs and a settee she had previously used on her deck.  At first I resisted – I didn’t have room, not sure if I could make it work, etc. etc.  And then I saw which chair she wanted to gift.  THIS CHAIR.   And I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough!



Remarkably similar to that beauty from above, but perhaps even more awesome because it is a painted a light dusty aqua color which works wonderfully with the bedding and rug from our master bedroom.



Because this chair has been used outside it is a little worse for wear.  On the right arm one of the supports is broken and would be difficult to fix.  But considering that the chair in our bedroom rarely holds anything heavier than a load of clothes I think we can live with it.

I will likely be replacing the cushion, and given the cost of the chair (did I mention IT WAS FREE?!) I will probably splurge on one from Ballard Designs (where you can also find the original inspiration chair).  I love a mix of patterns so I am considering a stripe.  Or maybe burlap to match our homemade headboard?  Or a nice cream linen?  Decisions, decisions.

And in case you were wondering, I did find a spot for those other wicker pieces.  The settee is currently in our living room.  And the other chair (which is an adorable vintage chair with a POTTY SEAT hidden under the cushion) looks great in our littlest’s cowboy room.

What is your biggest splurge?  Or your biggest save?  Any of you have a hand me down that you absolutely love?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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