Banquette – Cheque!

Our kitchen banquette is finally finished, and I am so happy to show it off to all of you!  This project is one that really makes our house feel (close to!) complete.  That probably sounds silly.  After all, it is a small corner of our kitchen that we rarely eat meals at.  And we made it functional months ago by adding the benches (made with unfinished cabinetry)  Maybe this photo will explain why getting this project finished mattered so much to me.

View from the front door, the day we moved in

View from the front door, the day we moved in

Yup.  Anyone who enters our front door looks directly into our kitchen.  NOT our lovely living room or even our formal dining area but the messiest, craziest part of our house, the kitchen!  And staring at that unfinished banquette every time I entered the house made me even crazier than I normally am!  Now when I open the front door I am all smiles.


And the same view today

You saw a sneak peak of the fabric a few weeks back (the foam had been purchased months ago when I was able to snag it at 40% off).  It is a home decorator fabric purchased from a chain fabric store on sale for $7 a yard.  We used about 2 1/2 yards.   I had originally looked at an outdoor fabric or even a laminated fabric to make the cushions easy to clean but after several months of searching I could never find anything that seemed right.  So after falling in love with this fabric, we were able to make it work for a household with 3 messy boys by scotchguarding the fabric and adding Velcro closures on the back to make these cushion covers both removable and washable.

IMG_1871 IMG_1872 IMG_1873

Making the cushions was relatively easy but time consuming and tedious.  There was lots of measuring, ironing, measuring again, cutting and even more measuring.  Add in the occasional rethreading of the machine and bobbin meant actual sewing time on these bad boys was probably about 3 hours.  Total time on the project was closer to 15.  If you ask me it was totally worth it!

But of course my work is never done.  I am on the lookout for a slightly smaller table that would allow us to add one or two chairs to the table (the bench type seating works great for the kids but it is difficult for adults to slide in and out of).  I have my eye on these beauties that are actually outdoor dining chairs from World Market.

So are any of you tackling any sewing projects right now?  Ever used outdoor furniture inside?  What are the little things about your own house that send you over the edge?  Let me know!


6 thoughts on “Banquette – Cheque!

  1. That looks awesome! You do such fun things with color. I just keep scrolling up and down between the before and after view from the front door. Love it! Also those yellow chairs? Swoon!

    • Thank you so much friend! And those chairs? Will be mine. I have the World Market membership card, and they usually send a “birthday present” discount. So I am holding out til then!

  2. Super impressed, lady! I started blogging for about two months last year, and it reached an abrupt halt when I went back to work.
    Love what you’ve done with the kitchen – I have about the same color green in mine!

    • Thanks T! We’ll see how long I can keep this up – the good news is with a fixer-upper like this one has been there are LOTS of projects to blog about! And it takes me back to our high school days when we were hard-hitting journalists. 😉

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