Cord Up!

Last night I spent six hours doing this:


Not impressed?  It may not LOOK impressive but for me it is quite a feat.  You see I am usually impatient to complete a project and tend to skim over details like this one .  And the project that this cording belongs to is one I am WAY excited to have done.  But it’s also one that makes a big impact and so I am committed to having it look great.  And that means spending six hours measuring, cutting, sewing and ironing – to get cording, otherwise known as a decorative piece that covers a seam where two pieces of fabric join.

This cording is for the cushions that I am making for our kitchen banquette.  The cushions have been raw foam for at least two months, as I have been searching for just the right fabric.  I finally found one last week – it works well with my already established color palette, and I figure the bold pattern (along with a generously applied coat of scotchguard) should help hide stains.

Here’s a sneak peek of the fabric – for some reason it is photographing a little brighter than IRL – it is actually a great palette of a warm yellow, coral, apple green and several different shades of teal and aqua.


Note the cording.

I will have another update on Project Banquette as progress continues – but right now I have to go make more cording.


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